Making 4’x8′ weightlifting platform

So there’s several posts out there on 8×8 platforms.. and that’s where I got my ideas from, but 8×8 was just too big for my garage gym, so a 4’x8′ weightlifting platform was made instead.

2 pieces of cheap 1/2″ 4’x8′ plywood (about $20 each)
1 piece of cheap 1/2″ 4’x4′ plywood (about $18)
1 piece of decent birch wood (I think) 1/2″ 4’x4′ (around $35)
4 pieces of 1″ 2’x2′ rubber mats from fitness depot (most expensive at $23 each)
Glue n screws

Stuck the 2 4×8’s together with glue n screws to make a 1″ base, then the cheap 4×4 dead centre on top, leaving 2 feet at either end, then the birch on top of that for the visible platform, both were screwed n glued into below wood..  then screwed rubber mats on sides…  didn’t glue those..  will see if they last with just screwed…  Stained wood…

So ends up 4’x8′ with 2″ height..  Pretty heavy…   Need to tidy up the edges…  might frame it with 2″ strips of wood…

Home made weightlifting platform 4'x8'

Home made weightlifting platform 4'x8'

Installing gym rings in garage

Installed gym rings in my garage over the weekend.  Garage has fairly high finished ceiling, around 11′, with joists behind drywall.

After some research, I went for eyebolts attached to the joists, going through horizontally.  I used 3 1/2 inch eyebolts found at Lowes..  I also added a shackle onto the eyebolt, not sure if they were necessary…  Rings were purchased from Muscle Driver Canada..  Around $80 after shipping and taxes…

So far so good… Roof hasn’t collapsed…. yet…

Joists were about 60 cm apart, but putting the eyebolts in so they were on the inside of the two joists, the distance between them came closer to the 50 cm standard… and I don’t need Olympic perfection…

Installing gym rings garage - Eye bolt

Drilled approx 2 inches above the base of the joist and secured with nut and washers on either side of the joist…

Installing gym rings garage 4

This is how it looked after I had cut the holes through the drywall and added the eybolts

Installing gym rings in garage

A closer look.  The shackle was used to bring the strap further down and decrease risk of rubbing against drywall edge.

Installing gym rings garage

I then found some U shaped sheet metal used for edging drywall, and used this to tidy up the edges…  I may tape and mud it…  just to practice taping and mudding…

Installing gym rings

FInal setup…  A few workouts so far and seems pretty sturdy…

Installing gym rings

The gym…..   Based in Ottawa, it gets a bit nippy in the winter, but I’m used to biking in the winter so have some decent breathable, warm clothes for working out.. and a hat and gloves… the olympic bar is the worst when cold…  Garage is only insulated on 2 sides and roof is not…  Temp stays around 8 -10c above outdoor temp

Garage gym setup

Snowy Steak and Eggs…

Not often you get a White Christmas in England…  and looked like this year was no exception….  Here in Canada however it’s the other way round, and it looked like we might have a green Christmas for once…  but no… just in time the white stuff fell….

Enviro Canada did however put a dampener on it, saying Ottawa didn’t officially get a White Christmas as we needed 2cm of accumulation by 7am for it to count…  and we didn’t get to 2cm until around 9am…  And I thought I was a Bah Humbug….

Merry Christmas chaps and chapesses….



BBQ’ing in a Winter Wonderland

Ok, maybe not quite the winter wonderland just yet…  Only a sprinkling of snow..  Bit nippy out mind, -6c…  Time to cook up some chicken for the week.

Also a good time to try out my new tray with (turkey) bacon and eggs…  Probably should have slapped a bit of olive on on the tray 1st…  Eggs stuck a bit…  Still yummy in my tummy…

(Scroll down for video blog)

BBQ Breakfast

BBQ Chicken